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Department of English

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  The Department of English promotes education in the humanities and arts in various subject areas from interdisciplinary approach, keeping in view the latest emerging trends. It undertakes teaching in language, and literature. The Department of English is committed to the promotion of critical thinking, humanistic values, and connectivity amongst cultures through its various programs in the domain of literature. It nurtures an international, multi-lingual and interdisciplinary approach towards academics. The faculty members of the department come from diverse and vibrant academic backgrounds, making the department versatile in its approach and function. Special lectures, workshops, and other career oriented activities are organized by the Department to ensure the upgrading of the students, and faculty members.

   Department of English was established in 1978-78. At present Department has around 1700 students. In that way this is the biggest Department of our College. Department of English Conducts Undergraduate Pass Course and Post Graduate Course in English Literature. The Under Graduate and Post Graduate programs in English prepares the students to develop and upgrade their language competence, gain training in critical inquiry and debate, and develop their literary sensibility through courses in Literary Criticism, British Literature, American Literature, Indian Writing, Women’s writing, Linguistics and Literature of the Indian Diaspora.


 Department of English aspires to cultivate passion for lifelong learning in students and faculty members of diverse groups, so as to make them responsible citizens of the inclusive society. The Department is committed to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, scholarship and community outreach.


 Department of English endeavors to achieve eminence in higher education, acknowledged for unique contribution in terms of innovative lifelong learning and research and commitment to the community.


 • Learning-Centered: Innovation, knowledge, skills and intellectual flexibility are encouraged by bridging the gap between academia and practice.

• Student-Centered: Dedicated to education, inquiry and outreach to meet changing requirements of our students. Our processes nurture lifelong learning, social responsibility, leadership, and individual and professional growth.

• Excellence: Our prime motto is to achieve excellence within the campus community through opportunities for achievement in teaching, research, scholarship, innovation and outreach.

• Diversity: Respect for diversity in all of its forms recognizing that mutual appreciation for individuality is the foundation for an inclusive society.

• Community Outreach: Strive to contribute to the benefit of the college, the state, the nation and the world as a truly global citizen.

 • Integrity: High values for ethics and integrity are cultivated as the fundamentals on our college are built.





Dr. Manoj Phondani


Department of English



Dr. Vishwanath Rana

 Department of English



Dr. Ruchi Kulshrestha

 Department of English






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